Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bat removal gone wrong! Hiring an out of state wildlife control company.

bat control disaster repairs
Foam used to keep out bats - ugly and stupid!
Bat removal gone wrong! This is what happens when you DO NOT hire an experienced professional to get rid of your bat problem. Notice the line of staples as well (classy right?), an indication that a net was hung to "safely and humanely" remove the bats prior to this horrible excuse for a bat exclusion. I might add that the reason I was called here was because they still have bats!

The best idea is to call someone and check the references. Ask them what kind of materials they are going to use and maybe even an example of a completed project. Also, new to the area is a "Humane" company that asks for the money up front (all of it) and then never returns. You should report this to Wildlife and Fisheries immediately! This type of nonsense needs to stop!

In the interest of what a good job looks like, here is a photo of our work.

bat control sealant
Mortar repair sealant used to join the soffet to the brick work
This is an extreme close up, taken at the time it was done so the sealant will dry to a somewhat darker color. Now, what that means is that from a distance, even the color of the mortar repair will blend perfectly almost every time!

So, bat removal buyer beware in the New Orleans area - It is sad to say but someone needs to point it out -for some reason Alabama seems to be a festering pot of criminal activity in this business and you can quote me on that. If you're hiring an out of state company, be sure to check that they are even licensed in Louisiana!
Visit this page to check!
Finally, you can visit my personal business website at
even if I cannot help you, I can always advise you.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bats in Covington and Mandeville

We do a lot of bat removal work, and we document that information using NWCOPRO wildlife control software. It is a unique software that allows me to track my phone calls, customers, and jobs.

Here is a map of some of my bat calls in Covington, and Mandeville, Louisiana.

Bat removal locations in Covington, LA and Mandeville, LA
I don't want to zoom in TOO close and reveal exact addresses but suffice it to say that these two cities get their fair share of bat problems!
Next time someone tells you, "We don't have bats around here!" you can tell them they are wrong there are PLENTY of bats!
Notice that the majority of the bat calls in Covington all seem to be around the city! I think it has to do with the age of the buildings and the type of construction at the time! Bats love high places and brick structures! Welcome to downtown Covington!

Bat proofing a New Orleans home

Bat proofing a house in Louisiana can be done with some pretty average materials. I will go over some of these materials and their respective uses. Depending on the type of construction, you may need several types of materials to do it yourself. It is my hope that after you read this you will decide to hire me to do it!
I will use pictures of bat removals, and some of the pictures will be in mid process to help you understand the how-to and the why-fore.

First things first, you should bat proof your house if your in an area that has a fairly active amount of bats and your house is susceptible to bats. If you found a bat in the house you should consider having a professional determine what is the RIGHT next step.

This article/blog post is about how to seal up a wall when your sure there are NO bats there. Typically a bat removal requires this preliminary sealing and then when you get to where the bats are you set up a one way door, evict the bats and after they are gone remove the one way door and perform the final sealing.

It is a process, and this addresses one part of it. The part where you seal the house to make it look GOOD, to make it look like it should have been done that way from the beginning.

Frankly, there are no other posts out there that have this information presented like this - at least as far as I have seen, In fact if you search for bat removal, or DIY bat removal, or even how to get rid of bats, you will get a lot of returns and very little useful information on the actual techniques to complete the job like a PRO.

So here are a few pictures of jobs that I have done, that show how we seal up a brick wall where there is a possibility of a future bat problem, I have also included some DIY attempts to show you what NOT to do, and how ugly foam can be in the wrong hands,
Before sealing with MORR-Flexx sealant, bats can get into that small crevice!

Bats cannot get into the wall now that it is sealed!

Bats are going into this brick wall by the garage, notice the brown smudge mark from the bats!

This is the complete installation of a bat cone on the garage, notice the sealant to the right - notice how well it blends in!

If you look closely you can see where the sealant stops, we want to make it look like it is supposed to be that way.

Home owner installed the foam on the left side, I was working from the right to the left towards the foam.

Foam was removed, and the wooden molding has been sealed properly with Mortar Repair (Quickrete, makes it).
So I hope these pictures help to show you how to seal up a brick wall when you have a bat problem somewhere else and want to prevent them from moving into this area. It is important to do the job right, and I can assist you.

We use materials that match as closely as possible but if your unsure or want to take the easy way out you can always just use clear sealant. 

Probably the most useful tip I can give you when attempting to caulk up your house to avoid a bat problem (bat proofing) is to remember this: seal the gap. If you are sealing the vinyl to the brick remember your not there to seal the brick and your not there to seal the vinyl - you are there to bridge the gap between the two. 

Finally, after your done re-check your work a week or two later. You may find the caulking has dried and shrunk to expose a few small gaps. Go and fix those!

I hope this helps you avoid a bat problem. Bat proofing can be easy, and increase the value of your home over time. You will also be sealing out, bugs of many sorts in the process as well!

Charles Parker

Parker Wildlife Control

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Baby bats in River Ridge - or a "pup" - What do baby bats look like?

I was recently looking at a bat infestation in River Ridge, LA and noticed this mother bat with her pup hanging on the wall. What is interesting is that they were hanging on the wall of the house and the actual roost where all the other bats were is in the garage about 40 feet from the where these two were.

I gave them a price to solve the problem but have not heard back, their neighbor took my advice a year ago and solved it himself. Perhaps he is helping them, and maybe not - who knows. I just hope they do not call me after they fail (if they do) because it is usually almost impossible to remedy the situation as easily as doing it right the first time. A school in New Orleans, learned that the hard way when they had to evacuate the students and faculty due to an improper remedy.

Anyways, another thing of note here is the lack of fur even on the adult. Free-tailed bats are what we normally see around here and they have short fur to begin with but the adult here almost seems devoid of fur and that's not what I normally see!

Young bats, called pups are pretty much bald when born and fur takes some time. I am amazed at how muscular they are, but I guess they have to be to beat their wings and take flight.
These pictures were taken Jun 16th, notice that this means that the young bats are FLYING!

Baby bat with it's mother. River Ridge, LA.

Close up picture of a baby bat or pup on a brick wall.

Mother Bat with pup River Ridge
Mother bat with baby on a brick wall

The following baby bat or "pup" was seen on a log cabin in Bogalusa, LA on May 22nd
This is a little brown bat. Little Brown is not a descriptive term, it is literally the "Type" of bat, like a Free-Tailed bat it is descriptive but again it's the type of bat.
This Little Brown was obviously taking his first flight near the end of MAY!
what that means is that if someone were excluding this colony in April - May they may have been accidentally killing this young bat. It is important to know your bats, the birthing seasons and some common sense!

Bat on a log cabin Bogalusa, LA

When I am talking to someone on the phone I say, oh you may be dealing with Little Brown bats, they always say yeah they are little and brown - but that's not really what I meant, as even a Mexican Free-tailed bat is little and brown!

I think when it comes to bats in New Orleans, I am the most experienced person in the area and consider myself an expert. I do NOT have a college degree in this subject but have learned from my peers, my experience and my never ending research and study. If you believe you have bats, or just want to know more. Give me a call. I have documentation on local bat colonies in the wild and know where they are, and how to protect your home.

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Charles (he thinks he's batman now) Parker 

Monday, May 11, 2015

More Bat removal in New Orleans! This Job required 2 manlifts as there was an inner courtyard and the exterior  wall where bats were present in about 3 locations.

This is a view of me driving the scissor lift into the building
Once inside you can see that sometimes a bat removal requires much more knowledge than just the bat work! This was a tight fit in the height and the width.
The next picture shows just how tall this thing was in relation to the door frame, and of course once inside we had 2 more doors to pass through to get to the courtyard

Once in the courtyard it was this metal cap that the bats were getting into. Bats love high places!

Notice how tight to the wall we have to work.

In the end the bats were removed and this job went well. This is a New Orleans school but I am not at liberty to name which one. I can say that this building is now bat free!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bat Guano - "What does bat poop look like?" here ya go here's some New Orleans bat poop for ya!

 Bat Guano Pictures in and around New Orleans

"What does bat poop look like?" 

Here are many pictures of local bat poop that I took on several jobs!

Since I am a wildlife removal technician, specializing in the removal of bats from attics (walls, chimneys, etc) in the New Orleans area - AND nobody else is providing any good pictures of bats, bat guano, bat poop, bat droppings, bat infestations, from local jobs! I thought I would.

Everyone loves some good old bat poop now and then right? Josh, would rather wear a respirator than breathe in all the attics fiberglass insulation - but he;s just being smart!

Bat poop at the top of the window

Bat feces on the window sill

Bat crap top right of window - what a mess!

Bat entry point - poop and just plain old sebum! Nasty bat mess on the wall!

Bat poop on the windows sill

More bat poop on the window sill of yet another window

Its hard to find anyone who removes bats in the first place so it is understandable that you would have trouble finding real local pictures of bat guano (poop) from our area. New Orleans has a pretty active and healthy population of bats but not alot of people who do it.
Bat guano in a stairwell

This is going up the stairs!

Heres a view of the guano from the top

Now that's a huge pile of Bat poop and frankly WAAAAY more than you would typically encounter.
I think you will find that the pictures of the bat poop by the windows is even a bit extreme.
Heres what some typical bat poop looks like on a typical job.

Notice the small size of the bat poop and not really a huge pile, bat guano differs from a typical new orleans gecko turd - a lizard will have a white cap like a cigar ash - a bat turd will not!
if your NOT sure what your looking at and you want a second opinion give me a call at 504-338-7517
I know my crap (as they say in the "business")!!!

Bat Guano is a mess!