Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bat Guano - "What does bat poop look like?" here ya go here's some New Orleans bat poop for ya!

 Bat Guano Pictures in and around New Orleans

"What does bat poop look like?" 

Here are many pictures of local bat poop that I took on several jobs!

Since I am a wildlife removal technician, specializing in the removal of bats from attics (walls, chimneys, etc) in the New Orleans area - AND nobody else is providing any good pictures of bats, bat guano, bat poop, bat droppings, bat infestations, from local jobs! I thought I would.

Everyone loves some good old bat poop now and then right? Josh, would rather wear a respirator than breathe in all the attics fiberglass insulation - but he;s just being smart!

Bat poop at the top of the window

Bat feces on the window sill

Bat crap top right of window - what a mess!

Bat entry point - poop and just plain old sebum! Nasty bat mess on the wall!

Bat poop on the windows sill

More bat poop on the window sill of yet another window

Its hard to find anyone who removes bats in the first place so it is understandable that you would have trouble finding real local pictures of bat guano (poop) from our area. New Orleans has a pretty active and healthy population of bats but not alot of people who do it.
Bat guano in a stairwell

This is going up the stairs!

Heres a view of the guano from the top

Now that's a huge pile of Bat poop and frankly WAAAAY more than you would typically encounter.
I think you will find that the pictures of the bat poop by the windows is even a bit extreme.
Heres what some typical bat poop looks like on a typical job.

Notice the small size of the bat poop and not really a huge pile, bat guano differs from a typical new orleans gecko turd - a lizard will have a white cap like a cigar ash - a bat turd will not!
if your NOT sure what your looking at and you want a second opinion give me a call at 504-338-7517
I know my crap (as they say in the "business")!!!

Bat Guano is a mess!


Angela Killpack said...

It's true what you said that there aren't a lot of posts having to do with bat poop! It's good to know what it looks like though so you can determine if you have bats or not. Not everyone hears bats in the attic or notices them flying around. Bat poop you will notice!

Amber Johnson said...

It looks like you have a real bat problem! I think that I have a little bit of a bat problem, not one that is this bad though. I don't want to hurt the bats but I would like them removed. Thanks for sharing this information!

Amber |

Anonymous said...

I found some droppings in storage room all in one pile but nobody can tell if that's a bat poop... hopefully you can send me your email so I can send you some pictures hoping you can identify those droppings. ...thanks advance

Joanne said...

I have something mysterious that our gardener told us might be bat poop on the window and wall. Doesn't exactly look like what you have posted. Can I e-mail you a picture? We are in Borrego Springs California.

Charles Parker said...

You may have lizards and not bat droppings!

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